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The invite-only sales talent network

The invite-only sales talent network

Gogohire fixes this problem by offering the same quality of talent as recruiting firms, but without the high costs and continuous back-and-forth. Gogohire is designed for high growth startups, and its success-based hiring model means you don’t have to pay until you make a hire. Only the top 10% percent of profiles submitted are approved, ensuring companies are quickly connected to the best talent out there. Companies can login to Gogohire to view and make interview requests to sales talent on their own time. They automatically receive matched talent based on their hiring needs and are supported by a dedicated Gogohire account manager. As their sales talent network continues to grow, Gogohire has been fine-tuning a machine learning based algorithm to continuously improve its matching.

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Pete Ryan

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Head of Enterprise Sales at @Trello / Co-founder, CEO at @Gogohire Worked at @LinkedIn - @Oracle
Founder at Gogohire. UC Berkeley EECS.