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Kaizad Katgara

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Passionate about entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary projects. Majoring in I.T. and Marketing, with a dual-degree program at NMIMS, Mumbai
Connecting Talent to Opportunity!

Arjun Sunil

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ML and full-stack generalist for over a year. Currently working on MLOps with k8s clusters, deploying models in production.

Raoul Pinto

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Kaushik Bokka

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Machine Learning Software Engineer

Shivam Ohri

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at Fynd

Sohil Jitendrakumar Parikh

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Front End Developer with Profound Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJs,Jquery and basic knowledge of react.js, react native, webpack, redux.

Ankur Chandra

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Working at Fynd

Prince Raj

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#GO-Lang #MongoDB #Kafka # PostgreSQL #ElasticSearch #ReST #Redis #ecommerce #prestashop
ML and A.I

Ravi Jaisawal

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Senior Software Engineer | Ex- Fynd | Ex-BookMyShow.

Siva subramani

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• Python • SQL, NoSQL,System design • Docker,ML , Integrating models with existing ecosystem • AWS • Opensource contributor • Android and Kubernetes basics

Alwira Sheikh

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Board members and advisors

Founder: FirstPrinciples, Incrypt | ex US VC @New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Founding team @Lightbox ventures ($400M), VP @EVERFI, Angel (30+ startups)

Vidushi Kamani

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Venture Partner with Kae Capital, sector agnostic seed fund in India
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Former team

Rajat Agarwal

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Subhranath Chunder

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Deepak yadav

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Ravindra Kumar Meena

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Siddhant Singh

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Ragini Varma

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