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On-demand staffing mobile app for restaurants and hotels

On-demand staffing mobile app for restaurants and hotels

We are a community-driven, Saas-enabled temporary staff marketplace. We start with hotels in major cities with a highly transferable model.

Businesses need flexible and reliable temporary staff, with no difference, on know-how and behavior, from their permanent staff. They want to decrease training and hiring costs by retaining their temporary staff.
Workers want to work as much as they want, where they want, be paid fast and get recognition.

We curate temporary staff, digitally take care of paperwork and payment. Our communities and back-office ensure the best match and build a pool of workers for businesses. Training and briefing saves on-site training time.

Happy workers, matched to cultural environment bring the most value.
Highly engaged temporary staff allow businesses to control customer satisfaction and HR costs.
We are the temporary staffing platform that cares for the communities we build.

Driving metrics : User satisfaction; Repeat-business; Organic community growth.

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Isabel Yus

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CMO and co-founder at Gofer - Techstars '18
Co-founder @Gofer On demand-staffing for hospitality industry.
Cofounder of @Gofer@Techstars '18 alum. Passionate about #FutureofWork, #Trust, #Tech4Humanity • 10 years of international entrepreneurship and leadership
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