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Software Engineer

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At Dialogue, we’re building a new way for people to access great care. We provide health and wellness services and design delightful and engaging experiences. We’re growing fast and people who use Dialogue love the service.

Behind the beautifully-crafted experiences and all the growth is our engineering team. We build mobile and web apps that connect patients and physicians, administration, management dashboard. All these systems are running on a common platform, on a secure and scalable infrastructure.

What you’d be doing:

Our team is composed of designers, engineers and product people who work closely with the healthcare team. We’re very collaborative and fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team to bring a variety of perspectives to the table. We value continuous deployment, automated testing and performance.
You’ll be working to enhance the foundations and bring our platform to the next level.

We use a lot of AWS services - Kinesis, RDS, Lambda, ECS and a few more. There’s an automation layer that allows us to manage the deployments across various environments. We use Terraform and CircleCI for deployment and test automation. We’re big fans of Python, most micro-services are written in it, so you’ll likely be working with Python.
We also use Go. The platform exposes secure REST APIs to the apps so you’ll be designing APIs and contribute to the data processing pipeline.
Machine learning (automated dialogue systems, natural language understanding, predictive data analytics) is an important capability of our system and you may be contributing to it as well.

Who we’re looking for:

You like the idea of joining a startup with growing team of exceptional engineers.
You enjoy working in a team and collaborating with people with different backgrounds.
You are self-driven, like fast-paced teams, and don’t mind the occasional uncertainty of a startup.
You enjoy both sweating the details and deliberate, long-term system thinking.
You’ve built and shipped production systems
You’ve used cloud technologies, familiar with Python and comfortable with complex architectures of distributed systems.
You’ve dealt with system scalability challenges.

What we offer:

Dialogue is fortunate to have the support needed to tackle such an ambitious goal. We offer competitive compensation and all Dialogue employees are also equity holders, and you won’t be an exception.

Our health benefits are some of the best you can find, plus they’re 100% funded by the company.

The office is located in the Old Montreal, and has an infinite supply of snacks, organic fresh fruit, etc. all supplied by an award-winning chef who is also our Chief Happiness Officer :)

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Co-Founder/CTO @Dialogue CTO @Nexalogy, @Radialpoint Started @Smooch.io Web Search @Hopper Co-Founder @PiCorp acq. by @EMC 3D dev @Microsoft