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#1 Enterprise software to negotiate export freight better faster and smarter.

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GoComet (gocomet.in) is world’s leading Logistics Management Platform (LRM) platform used by enterprises to make freight procurement and delivery efficient and fast.

As a technology company, it is revolutionizing the $200 Billion international logistics space by eliminating inconsistencies in the procurement process at various stages of procurement like RFQs, quote comparisons, human dependent negotiations and insufficient disclosure of terms.

Its enterprise SaaS product that is currently used by large manufacturing conglomerates (like Olam, Mondelez, Sun Pharma, Tata, Aditya Birla) combines the power of data science with progressive machine intelligence to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out best possible end to end rates for shipments.

The platform also manages the dispatches to ensure timely delivery by providing end to end tracking and documentation exchange.

It needs smart, driven and rational people to work with them at a stage where they are looking to scale exponentially. The Learning Curve is steep since it is applying Technology to solving a real global problem.