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Jason Wang

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As a veteran CTO and Technology Entrepreneur, I enjoy building and growing companies. My previous startups have been acquired by @Zynga and @Gene by Gene.  
Seasoned entrepreneur & executive, startup mentor, and angel investor. Multiple exits including Zynga (ZNGA)


Carter Cole

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Self taught software engineer that has designed, built and provided ongoing support for many SAAS applications with a variety of languages and databases

Jessica Rash

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I worked in Human Resources for the last five years at an engineering company, and for the two years prior to that, handled on boarding for oil refineries.

Jacquelyn Middlebrooks

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Implementation Manager at GoCo.io

Rebecca Correa

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Experienced AE with a successful track record of working in the HR tech + Distributed generation spaces. Early-stage start-ups, SaaS + small & mid-market sales

Logan Kostroun

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@Texas A&M Grad, Advocate of Data Driven Methodologies, Hustler.
8 years building web applications: social activity feeds, customer management apps, and lightweight accounting systems. Strong focus on good user experience.

Axel Norvell

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Self-taught designer and developer with over 10+ years of experience designing and building web experiences. Currently a lead UI/UX designer at a tech startup.

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Sarah Lyman

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Tyler Cobb

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