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We build micro-social platforms to amplify happiness



Senior Software Engineer Specializing in Web Technology stacks. I love building new things from scratch, bringing great ideas to life with technology.

Valerie Alexander

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CEO Goalkeeper, builder of micro-social platforms to amplify happiness. Former atty. @Brobeck, i-banker @SG Cowen, VP Biz Dev Pixelworld and the CLIC.

Board members and advisors

Using product and technology to impact company revenue I look at game changing solutions that challenge the market and engage customers.
Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor. SUP surfer, electric car/bike hobbyist. founded + sold Trippy, VirtualTourist and Onetime.com.
Founder of TidePool, academic, entrepreneur. Original CSO at eHarmony. Advisor to @Triptrotting, @Happy Money, @BeachMint, @Rexter @Codalytics
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