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We build micro-social platforms to amplify happiness

We build micro-social platforms to amplify happiness

Goalkeeper builds micro-social platforms to amplify happiness.

Our first launch, Super Happy Couples, increases the joy, tenderness and communication between two people in a committed relationship. Using AI, SMS and bot technology, we send customized messages to each partner of what the other likes, loves and wants more of, plus reminders of dates and events that are most important to them. Each partner also builds a LOFT (Library Of Favorite Things), a very private profile board between the two of them to share images, links and descriptions of what they love most in the world.

Based on the content of their Love Reminders and LOFTs, we employ a powerful AI engine on the back end to provide customized suggestions for date nights, weekend plans and ideal gifts. With affiliates in the ticketing, gift and travel spaces, we create a one click option to create the experience of a lifetime.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to make the person they love happy.
Senior Software Engineer Specializing in Web Technology stacks. I love building new things from scratch, bringing great ideas to life with technology.

Valerie Alexander

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CEO Goalkeeper, builder of micro-social platforms to amplify happiness. Former atty. @Brobeck, i-banker @SG Cowen, VP Biz Dev Pixelworld and the CLIC.

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