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Empowering educators to transform instruction for ALL students



Justin Su

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Founder at Goalbook
Former software developer, special education teacher, and district coordinator. Building @goalbookapp so that every student can have a personal learning plan.


Diversity Recruiter for Goalbook. Our mission is to help empower teachers to transform instruction so all students can succeed.

Purva Dandona

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Leyla Akincilar

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Software Engineer with a Bioengineering background.

Hain-Lee Hsueh

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Learning, Design, and Technology MA candidate at @Stanford University; BS in ECE from @Cornell University; Worked at @Oracle; Interest in web/mobile dev+design for teaching + learning.

Board members and advisors

Wayee Chu

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Partner, Reach Capital, an education technology venture fund, focused on access and opportunity in education.
Partner at Learn Capital. Co-Founder of Uversity. Co-conspirator of Dev Bootcamp, YearOn.

Former team

Steve Saul

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Ajay Jain

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