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Go360 is the most efficient ride hailing provider focusing on carpooling. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Sacramento, Amsterdam, and Hyderabad, Go360 has a diverse, motivated and humble team of engineers creating cutting edge technology to route vehicle fleets in the most efficient way for on demand pick up and drop off passengers. Our route optimization engine uses reinforcement learning to provide feedback to our fleet dispatching to come up with efficient routing strategies to maximize coverage while reducing ETA times. Our partners include automotive car manufacturers, office parks, apartment complexes, city governments, insurance and technology companies.

Go360 is an end to end experience that offers riders four rides per day for a monthly subscription. Leveraging deep learning algorithms, the sensor stack on the Go360 cars identify and label points of interest for populating our AR marketplace. We convert passenger digital interactions in the AR marketplace into actionable and tangible outcomes in the physical world. Go360 provides an intuitive interface layer on top of it’s ride hailing service to introduce the next generation of mobility convenience. The AR marketplace feeds into our routing stack to enable single transactions in place of cumbersome processes for routine errands. Our initial go to market example is booking rides alongside coffee, groceries, drycleaning and various errands individuals have on a day to day basis.

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Sravan Puttagunta

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Founder of @Go360.io, Founding CEO of @Civil Maps • Worked as employee #2 @Samba TV

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