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Go360 is a subscription based ride hailing company

Android Developer

$50k – $75k • 1.0% – 3.0%
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Go360 is the most efficient ride hailing provider focusing on carpooling. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Sacramento, Amsterdam, and Hyderabad, Go360 has a diverse, motivated and humble team of engineers creating cutting edge technology to route vehicle fleets in the most efficient way for on demand pick up and drop off passengers. Our route optimization engine uses reinforcement learning to provide feedback to our fleet dispatching to come up with efficient routing strategies to maximize coverage while reducing ETA times. Our partners include automotive car manufacturers, office parks, apartment complexes, city governments, insurance and technology companies.

Go360 is an end to end experience that offers riders four rides per day for a monthly subscription. Leveraging deep learning algorithms, the sensor stack on the Go360 cars identify and label points of interest for populating our AR marketplace. We convert passenger digital interactions in the AR marketplace into actionable and tangible outcomes in the physical world. Go360 provides an intuitive interface layer on top of it’s ride hailing service to introduce the next generation of mobility convenience. The AR marketplace feeds into our routing stack to enable single transactions in place of cumbersome processes for routine errands. Our initial go to market example is booking rides alongside coffee, groceries, drycleaning and various errands individuals have on a day to day basis.

The biggest pain point we have identified for our passengers is sitting in traffic by themselves while driving a 5 seater sedan. Unlike weekend getaway trips, daily commutes tend to be boring and mundane. Go360 allows passengers to earn back their time and improve their quality of life by utilizing affordable transportation; the recuperation of time is further enhanced by the AR marketplace which automates many of the errands passengers run on a daily basis.

What You’ll Do

- Design and build mobile applications & features used all over the world
- Collaborate with some of the best mobile developers on the planet to build tools that improve our safety tools, enhance the user experience for our riders and drivers, and exercise the latest features offered on Android or iOS.
- Ensure your mobile applications perform and scale in production
- Leverage the entire mobile platform and on board hardware to solve complex problems that directly impact the business

What You’ll Need:

- Bachelor of Science degree (or higher) in computer science, related field or equivalent practical experience.
- Strong software engineering skills, supported by at least 5+ years of industry experience.
- High proficiency in at least one of the following languages: Swift, Java and Kotlin
- Extensive experience in Android & iOS
- Experience in testing and deploying scalable mobile applications
- Deep curiosity to learn new technologies, explore new ideas, and passion to implement them
- Strong written, verbal communication skills; ability to influence others within your team and outside your team
- Attention to detail, particularly around software engineering fundamentals, testing methodologies and quality
- Strong sense of ownership, and initiative to fix problems and optimize systems that are both inside and outside your area of responsibility
- Willingness and optimism to try new ideas; ability to quickly adapt and learn from mistakes and from other team members
- Strong work ethic, productivity, and commitment; desire to see projects through to timely completion
- A belief that your team can accomplish more together than as individuals; ability to accept constructive feedback for continuous self-improvement; dependability - someone who the team can depend on to deliver results.

Bonus Points If:

- Experience with any of the following: C++, Python, Scala, Go programming languages, OpenGL, mobile UI
- Passion for working on systems related to safety
- Masters or PhD in Computer Science or related field

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Sravan Puttagunta

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Founder of @Go360.io, Founding CEO of @Civil Maps • Worked as employee #2 @Samba TV

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