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Chief Sales Officer (CSO) - Co-Founder

$0k – $70k • 10.0% – 24.0%
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The mission of GoFigure is to be group, umbrella, cluster company of startup projects and products.
One of the projects is Bulbee – new traffic payment system based on the computer vision:
That project is currently close to Minimum Viable Product phase and we need help to assure proper leads and sales channels.
With the realistic approach to IT ecosystem and market, the idea is to be self-sustained, the main source of development fundings at the start would be from agency work and those fundings would have to be available fast. Fundings from startup competitions and investors would be secondary, the idea is to reach that level at which investors would come to us.
We are building a multinational company from the start, ready to utilize the advantages of different cultures, markets, and labor force, offering benefits of modern work environment with the goal to be in front of cutting-edge technologies at every moment.
We are looking for a long-term partner ready to invest additional time to build this up. This would be a part-time role with a plan to become full-time when the right and mutually negotiated trigger kicks-in.

- Bachelor or Master Degree in IT, Mathematics, Economy or similar

- Experience of working in IT company

- 3+ experience in Sales

- Good communication skills, positive approach

- Eager to build a great story and to do extra effort for some period of time

Feel free to apply, you can send your CV, Linkedin profile. If you are good and motivated, let’s talk, we can build together something good and long-lived.

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Smarter distruptive products

Go.Figure focuses on Software, Internet Technology, and Computer Science. Their company has offices in Zagreb. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://gofigure.agency