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Local, traditional hand made products

Local, traditional hand made products

Most companies on what they do and how they do what they do (we just invented a tongue twister)! However for us at GO DESi, Why is the single most important question. So let us start with the WHY? Why does GO DESi exist? We want to kick start the revolution of food processing at the farm gate with the aim of increasing the share of consumer value captured at the farm. This, we have seen in our experience kicks off a chain reaction; higher realisation for the farmer for its produce, a scalable economic centre in rural areas which provide long term jobs & eventually a product for the consumer where s/he can trace back its roots. How do we do this, we are building GO DESi is a platform where we identify regional products manufactured by FPO/ Cooperatives/ rural entrepreneurs, standardise them, brand them under GO DESi and plug it into our omni channel selling network.

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Raksha Kothari

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Ex KPMG, 3+ years of consulting experience| Youth Alliance Fellow & Facilitator | Part of Young Social Entrepreneur by Singapore International Foundation