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Empowering Enterprises through Speech technology

Empowering Enterprises through Speech technology

Gnani.ai aims to empower enterprises with AI based speech technology.
Gnani.ai is an AI-based Speech Recognition and NLP Startup that is working on voice-based solutions for large businesses. AI is the biggest innovation that is disrupting the market and we are at the heart of this disruption. Funded by one of the largest global conglomerates in the world, and backed a number of market leaders in the tech industry, Gnani.ai is building the future for voice-based business solutions in India.

AI based Auto Call Answering: Provide an contextual call answering systems which automatically interacts with the customer and resolves there queries. This helps companies to have 24*7 customer support along with zero wait times improving the overall customer experience and reducing significant costs incurred in customer care.

AI powered voice assistants: Provide voice assistants tuned for specific customer domains. Voice assistants support multiple languages, and accents .

Speech Research Intern

UX - UI Design Intern

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DevOps Engineer I, II, Lead

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Ananth Nagaraj

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Co Founder Gnani.AI redefining the Human Machine Interactions to empower next 300 Million Indians.

Ganesh G

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Co-Founder gnani.ai