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The coolest way to go out with friends and meet new people

The coolest way to go out with friends and meet new people

Glubers connects 2 compatible groups of 3 friends (commonly 3 girls with 3 guys) that don't know each other, for a night out over a drink. We give our users the possibility of meeting new people while having fun, we get them out of the online world to make them have real experiences interacting with real people. We also give our users the safest way for meeting new people outside their usual social circles. An important value for our customers is the carefully selection of the best group they could be matched with, according not only to the person's preferences, but also to his expectations about the night out. The only thing our users have to do, is to prepay the first round of drinks of their own group, so we can guarantee that all the members make it to the meeting. The payment also includes all the logistics of booking the table in the best venue possible according to the group's preferences, and most importantly our work selecting the best group they could ever meet.

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Lina Caicedo

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Psychologist-Neuromarketing from @Pontificia Universidad Javeriana COO at Glubers
Marketer and digital entrepeneur eager to keep learning from the ecosystem and reaching the next level.