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Mobile messaging aggregation platform



Founder of @Grasshopper acquired by @Citrix Systems. Founder of @Chargify. Founder of @Return Path. Angel Investor.
Founder @Glowing.io Founder @Plustxt acquired by @Paytm B.Tech. IIT Delhi

Jasen Lew

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Serial entrepreneur. Launched and exited multimillion dollar businesses from software to education.


Rahul Sharma

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I have been part of team which envisioned various products in c2c mobile space.Successfully led the development of various mobile apps with my team.

Dharmendra Poonia

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Currently, Lead Frontend and Mobile Engineer at Glowing.io • Previously Software Developer AdWyze • Studied at @IIIT Jabalpur.

Akshay Sharma

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Software Engineer at Glowing.io

Ribhu Chawla

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Product Management, iOS Development, Web Development, Product Design, Startups