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Mobile messaging aggregation platform

Mobile messaging aggregation platform

Product (Guest Journey) Video: glowingio.wistia.com/medias/s908tfyv65 Glowing.io is a SaaS solution that enables hotels and their guests to message each other in whatever mobile messaging platform (ex: SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.), AND in whatever language each guest prefers. For hotel guests, Glowing.io enables in-the-moment communication with the hotel wherever, whenever the guests need, in the messaging platform and language each guest is most comfortable. For hotels, they can communicate with their guests in-the-moment to deliver more personalized, distinguishable guest experiences, as well as recover guests BEFORE guests post poor experiences to social media (such as TripAdvisor or Twitter) - Glowing.io funnels all mobile messages into one cloud-based platform. Although we are targeting the hospitality industry first, our platform is valuable to other service industries where customer communication can be difficult and customer relationship is highly valuable.

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