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The First Magical Safety Blanket For Kids

The First Magical Safety Blanket For Kids

Glow Away is the first magical safety blanket approved by psychologists that provides comfort to your child throughout the night.
It consists of a story book and a duvet cover that glows in the dark.

Illustrated story book:The story lays the foundation for the magic to happen. In the book, Boo (the yellow fellow) teaches Sam a spell that will protect him from monsters at night.
Glow in the dark duvet cover: This transports your child into a magical world. After repeating the spell that Boo tells Sam, turn off the lights and see it glow on your duvet. The magic has worked for you too!

Fear of the dark is something we can all relate to. In fact, 50% of all 2-7 year olds suffer from fear of the dark and the resulting sleepless nights. Glow Away is here to change that. We use the power of children's imaginations to actually help them overcome their fear.
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