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Gleammee is an early-stage startup founded in Sept 2018 at the intersection of fashion, well-being and technology. Based in Miami with 2 co-founders cumulating 45y experience in fashion, image consulting, Enterprise software and SaaS, we want to reinvent the way we consume fashion and virtual styling. This is why we developed an AI powered App to recommend anyone what to wear to look good, how to dress and shop clothes matching your physical attributes. THE PROBLEMS WE SOLVE Fast fashion wastes with returns up to 40% and 20% of the apparel production unsold each year. An average to poor consumer experience with 85% of women rating their selves as 'average looking' and wearing only 19% of their closet in average. WHY NOW? Most of the industry is trying to solve these issues by profiling consumer's sizing and shopping preferences or by facilitating virtual 'try and buy' models. We will do better by empowering consumers to learn how to dress and to shop smartly.
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Digital Marketing leader and growth manager

Posted 11 months ago

We are an early-stage startup at the intersection of fashion, well-being and technology. We feature the first digital personal branding App to reinvent virtual styling and improve fashion online shopping effectiveness.