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Your AI Expert for digital marketing

Your AI Expert for digital marketing

Are you confident about your marketing strategy? Multi-channel digital marketing today in the small and medium-size businesses is complex and overwhelming. It is driven by instinct and experience, array of dashboards and needs an inordinate amount of time in just interpreting the deluge of information. Consequently, the decisions made lead to loss of efficacy in content and audience targeting. They are unable to timely course-correct and foresee the trends, ultimately causing loss of marketing dollars and lost growth. Glance is your marketing AI assistant that collates multi-channel marketing data and surfaces hidden insights, opportunities and course corrections all in simple language allowing you to act on the insights from Glance. In essence, Glance solves the problem by providing the power of hundreds of consultants and data scientists for digital marketing, in the way you want, without having to pay a fortune for this expertise.

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Chetan Jog

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Co-founder & CEO of Glance. Engineer turned into marketer, bootstrapped a digital marketing company. Built scalable systems, done sales. Engineer -> marketer.