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Sustainable fundraising platform for nonprofits

Sustainable fundraising platform for nonprofits

GivingLoop is a fundraising platform that helps nonprofit raise recurring donations to become sustainable. We’re like the Patreon for nonprofits. 70% of donors of an avg. nonprofit churn every year because of one-time donations. The Nonprofit fundraising market is sized at ~$78bn, yet is overcrowded and is known to be tough. Our advantage is that: - We’re a donor first platform that offers a monthly transparency guarantee to donors. If the donor doesn’t receive a report every month, their subscription is automatically cancelled. Nonprofits and donors love this clear level of engagement. - We’ve built smart virality tools similar to Uber and Dropbox’s paid referrals that help nonprofits double and triple their donor base with minimal outreach. - We provide all the nitty gritty features needed for successful recurring giving programs (reporting on donor LTV, crm integration, managing failed transactions, segmenting monthly reports, etc)

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Ashraf Samhouri

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I run GivingLoop. We want the nonprofit work to become sustainable through monthly donations.