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We build better fundraising tech for nonprofits and give it away for free

Senior Engineer for Social Good

$125k – $135k
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At Give Lively, we build better fundraising tech for nonprofits and give it away for free.

As a Senior Engineer, you'll develop and iterate on products that drastically improve the online giving experience for donors and help nonprofits raise more for their cause. You'll be a core member of our engineering team, helping to evolve our product suite, collaborating on architectural decisions, assisting other engineers, and moving us forward on our journey towards a more philanthropic world.

What We Value in a Senior Engineer:

- BS or MS in Computer Science or significant practical expertise in both client-side and server-side programming
- 5+ years experience in building and deploying web-based products
- Significant experience in software architecture and patterns/abstractions for efficient and sustainable code delivery
- Experience and interest in scaling systems for growth (we're in a growth stage)
- Experience with and a proponent of agile methodologies and pair programming
- Experience working with Product Managers to deliver products in a truly agile environment
- A passion towards a philanthropic mission
- A conviction and commitment to improve your own skills and the skills of the team
- A passion for building the best products for users

What We Use To Do Our Work:

- Ruby on Rails powers our services
- ReactJS powers our frontend user experiences
- Bootstrap 4 powers those experiences so they look and work great across devices
- CloudFront, Heroku, Postgres, Git, and MacBook Pro's to help us get product delivered to the public in a timely and efficient manner

What Will You Get:

- Competitive salary: we are funded for the long-haul and compensate accordingly
- Excellent Medical/Dental/Vision benefits-- you don’t pay a monthly premium nor deductible, we cover it 100%
- 401k benefits including a 75% match of all your contributions, vested Day 1.
- Bonus potential
- PTO/Paid Sick Days/Paid Holidays
- Work/life balance, focused on a sustainable workload
- An experience you’ll love and the knowledge you're doing better for yourself and the world
- The chance to make an impact with a highly motivated, talented, and fast-growing team

What You Will Not Experience:

We are not a large corporation with a history of legacy and bureaucracy, nor a startup wondering whether it will exist beyond the next six months. We are a fully funded organization with competitive salary, medical/dental benefits, PTO, paid holidays, and more. We have a solid development process and a talented team. We do not seek profit, so you won't compromise your values to do work that means something.

Give Lively is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

David DeParolesa

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CEO at @Give Lively . Formerly @Discovery Communications @American Express and founder of Web Philosophic

Larry Adames

Avatar for Larry Adames
At Leest, I built the entire back-end, including database tables and associations. I also coded a large portion of the front-end javascript and jQuery.

Maria Kravtsova

Avatar for Maria Kravtsova
Writing code in Ruby and JavaScript for social good at Give Lively.

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