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As a fast-growing, all-remote company, GitLab is a place where you can contribute and make an impact from anywhere in the world. You’ll be part of an ambitious, productive team that values transparency and collaboration. Find out more about our values: about.gitlab.com/handbook/values

Perks and benefits

All-remote work

We're a global, completely remote company with no headquarters, so all of our team members have the flexibility to work where and when works best for them.

Unlimited, no-ask paid time off

Take the time off you need, whenever you need it. Our CEO and executive team model this behavior to encourage others to do the same.

GitLab evangelism dinners

Everyone at GitLab contributes to our success, so when we hit our sales goals for the month, we all celebrate. Each team member can enjoy a dinner on GitLab.

GitLab Contribute

Every 9 months, we get together as a whole team somewhere in the world to meet in person, build relationships, and have some fun.

Reimbursement for supplies

It's important that our team has what they need to be productive. We'll reimburse you for whatever you need, whether that's a monitor, ergonomic chair, standing desk, or even a membership at a coworking space.

Visiting grants

Want to visit a coworker? We offer a visiting grant for team members interested in meeting in person.