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Gigster helps companies create teams of workers—including remote/distributed employees.



Founder of Untitled Labs (we're hiring!), Gigster, and Mafia Wars. Investor in 60+ great startups. Engineer at heart.
Founder, CTO @ Gigster


Dane Johnston

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Experienced Customer Success and Project Management Professional

Romy M

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Product @Gigster

Brad Maloy

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Steve McDonald

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Enterprise sales in services, building, growing, practice development, fire fighting, pulling business out of nose-dives.....;-)

Shibani Sareen

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Technology Consultant/Program Manager with a background in Policy Analysis, UVa Grad

Humberto Moreira

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Engineer and product/business developer with expert analytical and operational skills. Deep knowledge of mobile, experienced in online security.

Marcy Akard

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Hands-on Director of Finance with enthusiasm for early stage start-ups.

Lee Davis

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Head of Marketing at Gigster. Gigster grants companies on-demand access to elite engineering, design and project management talent for innovative projects.

Evan Palmer

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Fulfillment & Delivery @Gigster | @Cornell University and @Techstars alum

Adam Seyer

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Kathleen Coats

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Feynman Liang

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Technical engineering leader passionate about building maintainable software and highly productive teams
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Board members and advisors

Justin Waldron

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co-founder @Zynga (nasdaq: znga)

Andy Tian

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Formerly GM of @Zynga China • Founder @Asia Innovations

Former team

Sophia Deng

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Thomas McLaughlin

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Paul Stiff

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Johannes Scheitel

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Christopher Tosswill

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Jerome Curlier

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