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Software development on-demand


1 round
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Jeff Arnold

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Currently COO at Pilot.com. Formerly CEO of Ksplice (acquired by Oracle) and Zulip (acquired by Dropbox).

Justin Waldron

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co-founder @Zynga (nasdaq: znga) • Angel Investor @LambdaSchool, @Smash.gg, @Gigster, @Sandbox VR ++

Halle Tecco

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100+ Angel investments (see @Techammer). Founder @Rock Health. Adjunct Professor @Columbia Business School.

Bloomberg Beta

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Early-stage venture fund backed by Bloomberg that invests in startups making work better.

Raymond Tonsing

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Working hard @ Caffeinated Capital. Family, cycling, & caffe. Investor @Affirm @Airtable @Docker @Loft @Opendoor @Triplebyte @Virtahealth @Wish


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Angel investments of Halle Tecco + Jeff Hammerbacher

Chris Redlitz

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@Transmedia Capital, early stage investor in SaaS, commerce platforms and digital media. Avid cyclist, health & fitness junkie. Founder of The Last Mile @TLM

Peter Boboff

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Partner @ Transmedia Capital. Focused on SaaS enterprise, blockchain, e-commerce, digital media and marketplace companies.

Transmedia Capital

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Investing in extraordinary entrepreneurs with market changing ideas
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