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Paramount AI gifting platform for business ROI



Archer Chiang

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Founder of Giftpack Inc. Serial Entrepreneur. Live in life to solve problems by technologies.


Charles Lieberman

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Started my own tech company, worked at summer camp, waited on senior citzens, and interned for the Orleans Public Defenders. Minneapolis -> NOLA. Tulane '22.

Harry Shen

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Worked at Giftpack for Operation Giftern

Michael Rögele

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Operations at Giftpack

Lyn Chen

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Giftpack Project Management Lead for Japan and Digital Marketing for NYC.

Alicia Chiang

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A creative girl who loves anything social media related! I'm easy to get along with, an eager learner, and want to become the best version of myself!

Eric Fang

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Digital Marketing Intern at Giftpack inc.

Jung Hsiang

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Experienced story-teller with 2+ years in Digital Marketing / PR / Customer Experience and a demonstrated history of working in the Startup & Fashion industry.

Irene Ling

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Bing Yue Chen

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Board members and advisors

Strategic Initiatives at Workday. Previously an investor at Workday Ventures and Presidio Ventures. Began career as software engineer at Boeing and Qualcomm.
10+ yrs of Finance experience at @Deloitte @Unilever @Siemens . Invited to SOSV and Featured on https://www.digitalnewsasia.com/startups/mental-health-marketing

Bing Yue Chen

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Former team

Marcus Theodore

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Katy Yang

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Jenny Wu

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Paula Chen

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Sofia Shih

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