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AI-powered business gifting platform that makes personalization at scale

Frontend Engineer

$24k – $42k β€’ No equity
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Giftpack Inc.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» About Giftpack ( https://giftpack.io/about )
Product: giftpack.ai | giftpack.io

We are a paramount AI gifting solution for business ROI.

Hiring Frontend Engineer

Your Dream Job is Calling.
You've typed thousands of lines of code.
You code on the side just for fun because you love it so much.
You've spent countless sleepless nights honing your skills.
You write SOLID code.
You're a computer genius.
And You're Ready to work on a project that challenges you.

Giftpack grows business with the only gifting platform that provides real personalization at scale in ABM, Sales, Customer Success, and Employee Rewards.

On the consumer side, we are a global on-demand gifting service that can make people send gifts across cities and countries in just 3 hours with unforgettable gifting experiences. We create a vision for people to treat without geo gap, language and culture barriers in seconds with strong Ai, tons of thousands of brand partners and delivery packers around the world.

You'll join a team of top-notch developers and help build incredible software. You will be pushed to your coding limits. Our state of next-generation on gifting needs you to perfect it.

At Giftpack, you'll have friends, have the purpose, make a difference, and get excited about the challenge you face every single day. And at a company that has achieved huge growth for the last 1.5 years, you'll be comfortable, happy, challenge, and important for sure.

Your day at Giftpack

  • 🍣 There is a standup meeting at the beginning of each day.
  • 🍣 You update on what you have accomplished the previous day.
  • 🍣 You get your tasks for the day and estimate when your tasks and tickets will be completed.
  • 🍣 You’ll spend your day writing code, finding and fixing bugs and creating new functionality for our team.
  • 🍣 You can discuss and design issues with all your colleagues.

The Benefits

  • βœ… Access to healthcare insurance and labor insurance in Taiwan.
  • βœ… Remote flexible work schedule.
  • βœ… Great team with great diversity.
  • βœ… Awesome work environment plus remote.
  • βœ… New, clean, awesome office ( We have co-working space in different cities ).
  • βœ… Flat, flexible and understanding leadership.
  • βœ… Your mom will be proud of you.

We want smart engineers! If you're the type of guy or girl who likes to read about programming, code and build things on the weekends, and stay up to date on all things computers/tech/development/engineering then this job is for you.

Required Experience

Proficiency in

  • β›© HTML5 / CSS3
  • β›© SASS / LESS
  • β›© JavaScript ES6/7
  • β›© Next.js
  • β›© ReactJS / Redux
  • β›© TypeScript
  • β›© Node
  • β›© Grunt / Gulp / Webpack
  • β›© Accessibility / WCAG
  • β›© Progressive Web Applications
  • β›© Pattern Libraries
  • β›© RESTful APIs / JSON
  • β›© Serverless Architectures
  • β›© Responsive Web
  • β›© Browser Compatibility
  • β›© Test-Driven Development
  • β›© Mocha / Jasmine / Selenium
  • β›© Agile Delivery
  • β›© Version Control / Git
  • β›© API Blueprint
  • β›© Amazon Web Service ( Basic )

Bonus Experience

  • 🌟 Proof of English / Mandarin / Japanese ability.
  • 🌟 Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent work experience.
  • 🌟 Success working on high-performance teams.
  • 🌟 Delivered solutions in large-scale enterprise environments.
  • 🌟 Prior consulting or professional services experience.
  • 🌟 Motivated to continually improve your craft, sharing and learning every day.
  • 🌟 Exceptional integrity with the desire to create the best possible customer needs and Giftpack’s vision.
  • 🌟 Experience with web-based and data-driven applications.

Do I Need a Degree?

Some companies say you need "5+ years of experience" or whatever... we're not like that. The founder and CEO of Giftpack is a self-taught programmer, designer, and businessman. We will hire any developer who can perform at the level required to be successful here. We're looking for the best of the best. Sometimes those individuals are self-taught, sometimes they aren't. If you do have a degree, please put it on your resume.

About Your Resume

  • βœ… Links to any open source projects you've worked on.
  • βœ… Stack Overflow/Github username if you have one.
  • βœ… Any other information you think is valuable.

We also Require

In the global startup company like us, we need you to have so much passion for the things that we are building. We love professional tech people but we need more agreements on our vision to push the company forward.

 If you've ever worked with a team of top-notch engineers you know how good it feels. There is comradery, everyone jokes around, it's awesome. We've found that to make sure we are bringing in the right guys for our team, it's best if we ask all applicants to take a short test. We will send this to you after we get your application. The best candidates find this test enjoyable. They also appreciate the vetting process. If we didn't do this we'd risk sending our guys into battle with noobs, (which is bad enough in Call of Duty and worse in real life).

This is a Job

The reason why we are able to offer great benefits and relaxed culture is that the people we have got their stuff done. We work hard here. Your team will expect a lot out of you and they expect a lot out of themselves. This job is for the "work hard, play hard", type of people, not the "I'm lazy and still want cool benefits" type. You'll have a lot to get done, always. If you are the type who will try to exploit our freedoms and benefits then you won't last long here, so don't apply. If you like to work hard, have fun, grow, get better, and enjoy your time with a good team then this is the place for you.


Here are some articles we wrote to convey the work life at Giftpack. Feel free to take a look before submitting your application.

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Please make sure you apply on https://giftpack.typeform.com/to/k9a3fPiX.
We will get back to you no later than 7 business days.

Taiwan β€’ Hong Kong β€’ Remote
Hires remotely
Job type
Visa sponsorship
Not Available
6+ years
Hiring contact

Archer Chiang

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Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Archer Chiang

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Founder of Giftpack Inc. Serial Entrepreneur. Live in life to solve problems by technologies.

Giftpack at a glance

AI-powered business gifting platform that makes personalization at scale

Giftpack focuses on B2B, Marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, and B2B Β· SaaS Β· Mobile Β· Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. Their company has offices in New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Tokyo. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://giftpack.ai or find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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