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Innovating social ecommerce

Innovating social ecommerce

"Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. It’s genius and so easy to use." – Ben Crossman, Computer America

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Giftapart has been innovating ecommerce since 2017. it's the world's first social ecommerce supermall with over 25,000,000 products from hundreds of America's most known and trusted stores.


*Featured on the CES 2020 Podcast.* "While buying a group gift is usually painful and frustrating, Giftapart makes the process easy for everyone involved." – Marlo Anderon, The Tech Crunch

Giftapart has created the world's first and only gift registry that provides a way for anyone to control the actual order their gifts are funded. For the first time ever, gift receivers can get what they want and need first, while providing a simpler, faster and more enjoyable gifting process to the gift givers.


"A great new concept for a modern-day gift registry and event planner that does a whole lot more for you. Everyone should check-out Giftapart!" – Dave Graveline, Host of "Into Tomorrow"

Giftapart has a full-featured event planner. Create beautiful event pages and share with your guests. Giftapart provides an invitation service so you can invite guests using their emails, sms (text), or generate a paper invite. All your guests can easily RSVP back, and you can quickly see who's going.


Giftapart invented social ecommerce. Giftapart users can have a dialogue about products, not simply rely on one-way reviews.

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