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Oliver Thylmann

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Father, Internet Entrepreneur since 1996, 3 Exits, MBA, Developer Whisperer, Geek, First Adopter and Co-Founder of Giant Swarm

Timo Derstappen

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Loves to create, hack, make. Linux user, sports addict, orchestrating my distributed, scalable life.

Henning Lange

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Co-Founder & CEO @Giant Swarm, @Adcloud (sold to @Deutsche Post), @Ormigo (sold to @Müller Medien), @Ligatus (sold to @Gruner + Jahr) | Angel Investor


Adrian Barsan

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Thomas Fussell

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Generalist and quick learner. Previous experience at Harvard University, NPR, and Lyrebird.ai. In my free time, I go on adventures of all kinds.

Larissa Lanz

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HR Manager @Giant Swarm responsible for all things recruiting and employer branding

Tim Schindler

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My body is weak, but my mind is a monster.

Oliver Nicolaas Ponder

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Founder @Microscaling Systems • Worked at figleaves.com Specialist in cloud infrastructure and online retail.

Thea Hüttenberger

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Student Help at Giant Swarm

Puja Abbassi

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Developer Advocate @GiantSwarm; Researcher - Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship, VC, Network Science, Security, Internationalization, China
Designing your experience with @giantswarm

Anna Löw

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Worked at @Giant Swarm • Studied at @University of Passau
Great products with great people in great companies.
Worked at @Catalyst Zero

Former team

Federico Gimenez

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Stephan Z.

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Eike Herzbach

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