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Cryptocurrency wallet allowing private mobile transactions

Cryptocurrency wallet allowing private mobile transactions

We provide an easy solution to a complex problem. GhostPay was created to provide clients the security of a bank, the privacy of cash and the simplicity of a mobile based payment. Clients simply open a GhostPay account, move money from online exchange or cryptocurrency ATM to your GhostPay account via deposit address to begin spending using the app. We make this possible through leveraging the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, processing transactions, and paying the merchant in the desired fiat currency or in some cases cryptocurrency. Our main differentiator is that we are keeping our digital ecosystem private, mobile, while targeting the travel industry. Our solution solves multiple problems in one simple platform. Come check us out and join the movement. Become a Ghost!

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Goes to Lehigh University

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As a trained advertising specialist, I only use elite strategies proven to get the best return on ad spend. Always up to date with the latest marketing trends.
Temple graduate. Wears many hats. Take a look at our website: http://www.ghostpay.io