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Professional, modern, open source publishing


Ghost is an independent, non-profit organisation creating free open source software to power the future of sustainable journalism. No matter where you look, the world has never needed real media serving real communities as much as it does today.

We've built a full-stack, modern content management platform with a robust JSON API at its core and a beautiful editor to create, publish and maintain content. Next, we're working on subscription and payment tools to enable entirely new publishing business models - and we're growing the team with people to help us figure out how to do it.

Our destiny is in our own hands, because we've been profitable since we started. No shareholders, no board of directors with outside interests, no old VC guys in the background pulling strings. We generate revenue from customers who pay us, so we have unlimited runway to keep building the things we want to build.

Because we're a fully-remote team — we hire people from all over the world!

The vast majority of our work gets done on Github, with Slack as the main channel for communication. We do weekly meetings via Zoom which are used to discuss progress and plan what's coming next.

The biggest perk of working at Ghost is that we have a small, talented team with a very large audience. This means you have the ability to have a huge impact on the product and the company, whilst also having really interesting and challenging problems to work on. We believe deeply in what we do, and we're all in this to build something lasting, sustainable and positive.

Perks and benefits

Paid parental leave

When the time comes to welcome a new member of the family, we offer 3 months fully paid parental leave.

Competitive salary

We pay well at market rates reflecting both location and experience

Guaranteed pay-reviews

Everyone at Ghost receives annual pay reviews to update their salary for market rate changes and inflation.

Fully remote work

Work from anywhere in the world, or travel continuously if that's your thing. Everything we do is online. As long as you have wifi, you're all set.

3 day weekends, all year long

We close the office on the last Friday of every single month. Enjoy!

Unlimited paid vacation

Minimum 2 weeks per year, if you don't take it yourself, we kick you out of the office in December until the new year rolls around.

All the tech you need

We'll pay for whatever hardware and software you need to work and make sure you're regularly upgraded to the latest versions.

Office costs covered

Whether you prefer a home office or a co-working space, we'll help pay for it.

Personal development

An annual budget for books, courses, conferences and travel expenses.

Twice annual international team retreats

Every 6 months we get the whole crew together for a week away. The last few trips have taken us to Dubai, Thailand, Austria & Egypt.

Dog friendly office

Just kidding we literally don't have an office - but apparently tech companies think is an important detail to put on job descriptions and we didn't want to feel left out. So, um. Feel free to work with your dog. Cats are cool, too.