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The AI sidekick that helps you live your best life, every day

The AI sidekick that helps you live your best life, every day

Wunder is a personalized connection platform designed to improve wellbeing so you thrive in life by making the most of every day.

Using personal data, behavioral science, and smart technology, Wunder will help you:

- Learn what really matters to you, prioritize what’s important, and make the most of every day

- Connect with people you care about, then build mutually meaningful relationships

- Stay focused and energized to easily accomplish the things that matter to you

Your sidekick is coming fall 2019 in the form of an uplifting app that gives you fun, personalized life coaching with timely reminders and creative suggestions.

Be part of the Wunder fam! Sign up for early access to our iOS app at getwunder.com/earlyaccess

Maciej Miechowicz

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Founder, cloud evangelist and principal architect @Wunder

Megan Kluttz

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Creative innovator. Passionate for purpose. Adventurous artist. Working on Wunder, a start-up dedicated to making life brighter.
Pattern finder. Lateral thinker. Global explorer. Relentless optimist. CEO & Founder @Wunder • Worked at @CocaCola, @SapientNitro, @CheckFree

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