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Platform to book and manage vetted ops professionals. (AngelPad #9)

Platform to book and manage vetted ops professionals. (AngelPad #9)

Vesper makes it easy for businesses to find and book vetted operations and admin professionals, whether you need an office manager or executive assistant for the long haul, or you need short-term help (moves, buildouts, off-sites). Say goodbye to turnover and weeks spent recruiting.

We vet every admin on our platform using a proprietary assessment that screens for 15 qualities that excellent admins have. Our data-based calculator takes in a business's needs and gives them an accurate assessment of hours/cost so they can be matched with the right person. Once businesses match with an admin and start working together, our client management software makes it easy for them to stay up-to-date on their office operations and coordinate with their Vesper Manager(s).

Founder @Tanager Advisors • Former Co-Founder /COO @Vesper @PareUp, vaccines @Clinton Health Access Initiative, strategy @PwC @Yale University

Margaret Tung

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Head of Growth @ BARK @Yale University alum

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