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GetUpside is completely different from all other cash-back apps on the market. Unlike traditional loyalty programs that treat all customers the same way—GetUpside personalizes every single shopper’s experience based off our machine learning algorithms, just like an online retailer would. This allows GetUpside users to earn 2 to 3 times more cash back compared to any other app out there. For each individual, that is a considerable boost to their purchasing power on the things they buy regularly.

Not only do shoppers benefit, businesses win too. All promotions are within merchants’ margin, so while shoppers earn cash back, merchants become measurably more profitable by earning business they wouldn’t have seen without GetUpside. Shoppers should feel good about earning cash back while helping businesses earn more. We don’t just prove it, we guarantee it.

And our plan is working! We are live at 15,000+ participating merchants nation-wide, have over $1B in commerce running through the platform, experienced 17x growth last year, have 26 million users with access to our offers, are a top 50 Android/iOS apps next to apps like Twitter, Waze, and Uber Eats, and have more than 100 people on our team world-wide.

At GetUpside, we have a loose organizational structure with high expectations. Our dynamic, agile work environment moves a mile-a-minute, and together we celebrate our successes and our failures. We have all the standard perks of any 2019 tech startup—health & wellness coverage, stock options, unlimited PTO, and a pet-friendly workspace—we are unique in our commitment to authenticity. We hold a fundamental belief that diversity is critical to our success as a company and as a team. With that in mind, we are very thoughtful about who we bring onto our team, and how. Between inbound interest, referrals, and active recruiting, we are building a team of forward-thinking tech leaders.

In everything we do, our actions are aligned with our mission to help communities thrive
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Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Posted 5 months ago

Meet GetUpside GetUpside helps businesses grow and people save by driving customers to nearby businesses with personalized cash back offers. We’re driving new customers to local businesses (more than 5,000 businesses across 13 states have made $10+ million in profit through GetUpside). We’re...