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Digital mapping system for large structures inspection

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Gettrik aims to simplify the use of drones for large structure inspection. We are an early stage start-up but we are growing fast. Gettrik received an official support from UK government and was featured in several articles eg. BBC, Huffington Post. Gettrik is a young start-up with lively dynamic. We select people based on their vision and inspiration. We value everyone's opinion and we want YOU to help us shape the future of our product. Join us, if you want to make a difference!
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Full stack web developer | Javascript (node + react) - Drone 3D mapping startup

We are looking for a mid-level jack-of-all-trade web developer who is flexible to work in any position in the web/app development. Anything from back end, front end to a bit of UX/UI.


Senior Front End Developer (React.js)

We are looking for a ReactJS developer who has experience integrating with REST APIs. It would be a huge bonus if you are experienced with 3D data, map, GIS or drones.


Tech lead / CTO who still likes to be hands on (Node.js + React.js)

We offer competitive salary (pro rata) and equity for the right candidate.
We are also looking for a (non management) web developer as well.