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Digital mapping system for large structures inspection

Digital mapping system for large structures inspection

Drones can assist in inspecting large structures, reducing time, costs and the risk of operating at heights. However, current data collection still highly depends on an operator’s skills, and collected images are still very hard to use. These have been the major problems that prevent the use of drones as a service. We propose to create a simple structure mapping system. It uses the drone to scan the structure and provide you with a digital map of that surface in real time.

This system enables operators to see the quality of data and areas that have not been captured while still at the inspection site and enables inspectors to easily navigate through large files, linking each footage with its location on the overview map.

Tech lead / CTO who still likes to be hands on (Node.js + React.js)

BE, Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, THA. 4-year experience as a iOS backend engineer Studying MSc Management, University of Edinburgh, UK.
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