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Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Studio brings messaging, role-playing and popular culture together.

Do you want to be a part of the Fight Club? Here you can. Have you been burning with the desire to shut Regina George's mouth up for years? Well, that's also very possible. Maybe you want to add some spice of yours to the famous love story between Romeo and Juliet. You can write hundreds of different versions!

Offering a large library of different yet very familiar scenarios, Studio lets its users to chat with their friends or other “actors” all around the world in a completely fictional context, with different names and characters. What you need to do is simply choosing a story and the character you want to play. Once you are matched with a user, all you need to think about is what that character would say. You can be daring, you can be shy, promiscuous, a little bit dark or batshit crazy - everything works as long as it fits the story!

Messaging has never been so fun. Role-playing has never been so social.

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