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Swap your seat on the fly.

Swap your seat on the fly.

Seatswap lets you swap your airline seat in an anonymous, simple and reliable way.

Don't like where you're sitting? Dying for an upgrade? Want to sell your business class ticket? Use Seatswap to sell your own seat (a downgrade) or to purchase someone else's (an upgrade).

All it takes is 3 simple steps:
1. Go to getseatswap.com on any device
2. Place your seat / Search for a seat
3. Swap and earn some extra cash / upgrade your seat at a good price.

No match? No worries, we'll notify you when a seat becomes available.

We use seat numbers only: no personal details are exchanged at any time. Notifications go via plain-old SMS/text messages, so no data connection is required (e.g. when you're abroad). Seatswap works on desktop and mobile. It's proudly built in Amsterdam, and available worldwide.

Want to get in touch? Have ideas about how we can improve?
Email me at willem@getseatswap.com or call me on +31 20 7000 000.
We are Peakfijn: startup developers. We invest in startups by helping them establish a proficient 'digital' function as part of their own their own (!) team.

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