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Electronic Voting and Virtual Meeting Services

Customer Success Coordinator

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What does GetQuorum do?

GetQuorum is a Toronto-based technology company that provides an online proxy, voting and governance communication platform-as-a-service. Our clients are condominiums and homeowner associations as well as a variety of other Associations, Regulatory bodies across North America. We help our clients have successful Annual General Meetings, gather proxies and electronic votes, pass bylaws, and save on meeting package distribution costs. Our clients benefit from more member participation, less paper printed and a lot of time saved. GetQuorum is known for providing exceptional customer service and delivering results for our clients. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for GetQuorum’s service has surged and we need help supporting our growing client base.

GetQuorum is proud to be alumni of Ryerson University’s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) and a current Growth Stage member of the MaRS FinTech portfolio. GetQuorum represents nearly 1000 clients and is growing daily. We anticipate strong growth in 2020 based on our 2019 successes and opportunities internationally.

What does a Customer Success Coordinator do?

Exceptional service and software are the underpinnings of our business. As a Customer Success Coordinator, your primary responsibility will be to deliver exceptional service and ensure our clients achieve their desired results. More specifically:

  • Interact with our clients from on-boarding to service delivery and completion of service reporting
  • Use GetQuorum’s proprietary software to deliver proxy voting and governance communication services on behalf of our clients
  • Facilitate and moderate live virtual meetings using enterprise webcasting software
  • Monitor response rates and make appropriate optimizations to ensure our clients are successful
  • Maintain ongoing and responsive communication with our clients
  • Use Microsoft Excel to model client data into required format for import into GetQuorum’s platform

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Electronic Voting and Virtual Meeting Services

GetQuorum focuses on SaaS, Real Estate, Property Management, Governance, and Legal Tech. Their company has offices in Toronto. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://getquorum.com/ or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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