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Designing and delivering better oral care products, advice, and services.

Customer Experience Associate

$35k – $40k • No equity
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ATTENTION: Apply here– boards.greenhouse.io/quip/jobs/847002#.WflV3FynEsk

We are looking for a Customer Experience Associate that can think on their feet and get their hands dirty in many parts of our business. You would be directly serving customers by providing information around brand philosophy, product ethos, service, fulfillment, and troubleshooting. You should enjoy problem solving and spinning negative experiences into positive ones through simple, friendly communication. You must be a great writer that can maintain an upbeat tone using language that's easy to understand.

You'll be working in an open team environment, jokes encouraged! You'll interact with everyone from the CEO to the fulfillment manager and there will be a constant demand to deepen and broaden your skills across the company. This is a full time job and we hope it will be your primary career focus with your intent to grow with us.

Customer Experience Associate Duties:

• Deliver joyful and memorable interactions with customers and build long lasting relationships where possible!
• Translate some of your work to spreadsheets and other reporting mechanisms
• Give customers a thoroughly thought out and customized response when they’ve had any problem
• Build the voice of quip directly from the front lines communicate clearly and effectively to ensure that all customers have a unique and memorable experience at every touch point with the brand
• Keep an ear to the ground for what’s happening with Marketing, Web development, and Product development to infuse that information to improve the customer journey

This might describe you:

• Previous experience with customers or with sales
• Good sense of humor
• Experience building or improving reporting structures and mechanisms, insights and questions come naturally, you like having a say and offering opinion on varied subjects
• Superior written and oral communication skills
• Desire to leverage past experience to make a business impact
• Strong people skills — you are friendly, empathetic, a good listener, and you’re invigorated by constant personal interaction
• Brush teeth twice a day and smile often
• Experienced manager / Self-starting motivator

About Quip:
Most of us aren’t brushing our teeth correctly, either because we don’t know how to do it right, or because we just don’t feel like it. At quip, we design delightful products and experiences to help you care for your mouth better. Our initial product is a beautifully simple electric toothbrush and toothpaste that was featured by Time Magazine as one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2016. With refill brush heads and toothpaste arriving on a 3-monthly schedule, we are now growing our product line with that same standard of design. We pride ourselves on great design and our brand values of simplicity, honesty and accessibility are applied throughout our community.

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