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Healthy breakfast that meets you at work.

Healthy breakfast that meets you at work.

-- Parachute is NOT a delivery service --
Parachute is the only way to order food at work for the same price as you'd pay dining in the restaurant (no tips, markups, or delivery fees) - starting with breakfast, a $47B+ market. We are doing all of this while still saving our partner restaurants as much as 90% on their delivery costs through smart demand-aggregation. Essentially, Parachute aggregates consumer demand for restaurants allowing them to deliver 10-15x more order volume to one location (an office) in less time than it would take them to normally deliver a single order per stop. We stared beta testing over the summer and have seen some strong traction. We are now growing 10% WoW in GMV/orders and serving employees at companies like Viacom, B&H, and AppBoy.

Zev Lapin

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Currently: PM @Facebook -- Previously: Product Lead @SML, Cofounder/CEO @Parachute, first hire @MakeSpace, Cofounder @Storage Bucket
CTO @Parachute, iOS & Web Developer with 6 years of experience. Purdue '15.

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