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Your Smart Credit Card App

Your Smart Credit Card App

Olly is a digital micro-credit card (up to Rs. 10,000) for young consumers! Users simply downloads the app and get started with their first credit experience in seconds + a security savvy turn on / off switch to ensure transaction safety

There are two variations of our product:

a) Olly- App for Banks (getolly.com) &
b) Olly Credit (ollycredit.in)

Olly-App for banks is for existing debit & credit card users where you turn off the card when not in use, cancel subscriptions, create a token (proxy number) for online use, track expenses in real-time and automate minimum balance payments so you never pay a late fees again

Olly Credit is an instant line of credit for the millennial powered by a contact-less AI-based applicant assessment & processing process + a propitiatory repayment management process. More details here getolly.com/ollycredit/india/#questions


Backend Developer

Backend Developer (Laravel)

Android Developer

Marketing & Sales Manager

Freelancer Android Developer

Backend Developer Freelancer

UI/UX/Visual designer with experience ranging from dating sites to Fintech. Based between Vilnius and London
Fintech founder, Award Winning Entrepreneur & Charity Enthuiast! Did Triggers in the dumb phone era (Block your credit card with an sms) & exited


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2 rounds

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Seed (Mar 2015)