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iOS Developer (m/f)

€34k – €67k • 0.0% – 0.5%
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To perfect our app as we grow, we’re looking for an iOS Developer.

Our app is what makes us exist as a business. As iOS Developer, you’ll participate in all development aspects of our app. Your mission will be to drive the progress of our app while providing the best user experience imaginable.

You’ll take care of

- Working on features and feature experiments
- Working together with our designers to create the best user experience
- Reviewing and testing

Some of the tools we use

- Swift
- RxSwift & MVVM
- Cocoapods and a bunch of open source libraries like RxSwift, Realm, ...
- Bitrise
- Fastlane

We think that it'll be important for you to

- Have three or more years working as a developer
- Be fluent in Swift (and also speak Obj-C)
- Have experience building scalable iOS applications

You’ll get bonus points for

- Having good understanding of Rx & MVVM
- Knowing how to write good tests

You can expect competitive compensation between 40,000€ - 67,000€ (based on your experience) and shares in our company.

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Johannes Berger

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Co-Founder & CEO @Mimo

Dennis Daume

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Co-Founder & CTO Mimo

Lorenz Schimik

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Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer @Mimo

Henry Ameseder

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Co-founder & COO at @Mimo (Techstars '16), ex-Loxone, UT/WU '15

Thomas Sattlecker

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software guy @Mimo | elm - reasonML - ngrx - typescript | fan of now.sh | ☕️ love good espresso ☕️