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Parin Shah

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Co-Founder, Engineering Lead @Miles • Formerly Engineering Lead @Cisco, Software Engineer @Oracle, Software Engineer @Sun Microsystems • MS @SJSU


Darshil Desai

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Experience in developing end to end data-driven analytics in areas including customer analytics and business growth

Chirayu Krishnappa

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Engineering Director @Miles . Ex-Uber/Google/YouTube/Microsoft.

Dongming Jin

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Data Scientist; Ph.D. in Astrophysics; Deeplearning.ai certificated; Sci-Fi mind, engineering hand.

Tom Borsellino

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Experienced sales executive/usually the first sales hire/MBA

Jerome Manuel

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Marketing & Growth Professional + Web Developer

Mandar Mulherkar

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Doron Lemze

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Data Scientist @Miles with 5+ years of experience in applied data science and multidisciplinary research.

Irene Kadir

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Hello, I'm a graphic designer currently based in San Francisco. I enjoy my design life in exploring interactive design, branding, and typography .

Jennifer Payne

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10+ years in sales, business development, and operational roles. @Miles @Parkmobile @ParknowBMW Group @Zipcar

vaibhav Kulkarni

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Engineering Lead - Data & Analytics at DriverMiles

Ron Drabkin

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Do lots of startups.

Mayukh Samanta

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Stanford MS, coursework and projects in ML and data mining, multi-disciplinary background

Dhawal Sawla

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Currently Working at Miles as a Software Engineer Previously worked at Athoc Inc - a division of Blackberry Graduated from San Jose State University

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Chief Marketing Officer
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