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Legally verify users internationally with a few lines of JS

Legally verify users internationally with a few lines of JS

Our mission at mati is to build a global verified user identity, an access point to the digital economy, and to standardize it across use cases and countries.

But first, we focus on enabling sharing marketplaces and fintech companies with the best trust tools. Establishing trust is currently very difficult and costly both in terms of UX and financially - digital identity is at a similar stage where commerce was before VISA, or where e-commerce was before paypal.

In short, we do Identity verification 10x better!

That means we develop computer vision technology, that recognizes the user, and any document that is required, seamlessly with near 100% accuracy, on any device, app or website. We use this technology to develop and facilitate trust online. We won't stop until every transaction, authentication, check-in, signup, and registration is seamless and trusted.

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