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Mansa reinvents the traditional bank’s scoring model

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A new era begins with the creation of the Borrowing as a Service (BaaS) by Mansa. We believe that it's time to set the record straight by allowing freelancers and gig workers borrow money with fair pricing and a genuine user experience. Mansa was founded by millennials who believe that the traditional economy is shifting towards the freelance and gig world. By being extremely focused on product, coding and data, Mansa Team wants to build a strong tech culture and fix freelancers personal finance once for all. We are choosing to build a quality team vs a large team. You will be a formative part of our company culture moving forward. To that point, we want someone that can take ownership of a project from beginning to end. We have recently closed a £2M seed round with Founders Future (Investor in Pinterest, Lendix, YUKA) and several great angel investors who have built and sold industry leading companies.
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Back-End Engineer

Posted 7 months ago

Your focus will be on our backend infrastructure, from scaling challenges to data processing ones. We have an intense roadmap ahead, which includes a plethora of new features and integrations.


System Administrator

You will participate in the design and implementation of the system and network infrastructure of the product to ensure the security, stability and scalability of our services

👁️Some of our current interests are based on:

Management and improvement of the current network: analysis and design o...


Sales - B2B Acquisition

As a B2B sales you’ll be at the core of Mansa’s innovation and strategy. As acquisition cost are super high in the lending area Mansa decided to design a B2B2C strategy so as to hack the CAC stakes.