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Customers deserve excellent service

Customers deserve excellent service

GetHuman saves you time and frustration on your customer service issues by doing them for you or showing you how.

Interactions with your ever-growing list of companies and services take too long and can feel confrontational. You shouldn't have to go through an obstacle course to cancel that service you don't use anymore. It shouldn't take 3 days to get an unhelpful response when your favorite product breaks.

GetHuman has a team of experts who handle your customer service problems for you while you relax. GetHuman waits on hold for you, argues with reps, and follows up on your behalf so you don't have to. GetHuman fights to get you what you deserve as a customer. And if you don't want to hire GetHuman to take care of it for you, we publish all of our shortcuts and walkthroughs on how to solve your customer service problems for free.

In short, GetHuman saves you loads of time, money, and frustration on customer service.

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Christian Allen

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CEO of GetHuman. Previously at KAYAK, Partners In Health, OpenMRS, and IMG/WME. Background in software engineering, launching apps, and non-profit work.

Paul English

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CEO/Cofounder of Lola Travel, and part-time lecturer at MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship Center. Prior Cofounder of Kayak.