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Sam Zimmerman

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Data Scientist and Software Developer with a background in Quantitative Finance, Distributed Applications of Machine Learning, and Bayesian Machine Learning.


Samantha Tilney

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People Ops enthusiast, compliance nerd, executive/managerial coach, and lover of graphic novels, video games, learning/development, and compensation analysis.

Travis Lowry

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Two time entrepreneur, 2nd company acquired by Reserve. Currently, I shape strategy and manage teams across Sales, Ops, Account Management and Customer Service.

Atticus Grinder

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Ambitious individual passionate about social entrepreneurship & global economic development. Professional experience working in fast-paced startup atmospheres.

Kevin Mannix

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Kate Ferrie Byrne

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BU MBA grad working as a Technical Project Manager for Freebird

Dan Kaufman

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Paul Kernfeld

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As engineer #1 at Freebird, I solve any and all back end problems. I previously worked with low-latency, high-capacity machine learning systems at Knewton.

Hani Azzam

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I'm a motivated, global professional with startup experience, a passion for entrepreneurship, and a belief in its power to improve lives.

Travis Lowry

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Founder of @OutGrade, @Tufts University IR and Arabic '10, Worked in Syria for the UN, covered Boston for Patch.com, Bing Maps Consultant.

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Max Livingston

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Christopher Lustrino

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