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Data Science Manager

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About the role:

We are looking for a Data Science Manager to help spearhead our ability to quantify, understand, and communicate the risks associated with flight disruptions and manage our data science team.You will be responsible for developing the risk management platform and pricing mechanisms that power Freebird’s rebooking tool using state of the art technologies, risk management strategies, and econometric techniques.

We’ve assembled a world class data science team and supplied them with terabytes of data across weather, the U.S. airspace, and airline pricing, availability, and booking to better understand the risks associated with flight disruptions. This rare, practical application of these advanced techniques materially impacts our business, helps travelers get to where they need to go, and creates a new derivative in the process.

Here's what you'll do:
* You’ll be managing our team of talented data scientists, engineers, and data analysts.
* You’ll be tasked with understanding the entire Freebird risk management problem domain and determining the research strategy, aims, and KPIs.
* You’ll need to keep a close eye on our core risk models and how they interact with the growth of our product offering, customer support SOPs, and pricing strategy.
* You’ll be responsible for communicating our value-at-risk to investors, our board, and the executive team while reporting directly to our CTO.
* You’ll be responsible for interfacing with other teams (CX, Finance, Engineering) on data analysis and product investigations while ensuring that our data science modeling efforts are meeting the needs of our evolving business.

Qualifications: Does this sound like you?
* Professionally you’ve been working in financial applications of machine learning techniques including intimate knowledge of time-series analysis, weather modeling, or quantitative portfolio management for years.
* You have previous experience managing a top-tier analytics team and driving them towards success.
* You have a keen attention to detail.
* You are willing and able to roll up your sleeves to understand and munge complicated data and analysis.You’re detailed oriented and are able to complete analyses, make and revise assumptions, and perform quick back-of-the-napkin calculations.
* You’re comfortable reading and writing production quality data science or data engineering code.
* You’re familiar with standard software development practices (agile scrum, kanban, waterfall) and have experience working in a production environment.
* You’re inquisitive, hands-on, and able to learn and teach new techniques and skills.