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Verifiable digital records on blockchain

Blockchain Developer - Rust, Substrate

$80k – $160k
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Dock is developing a decentralized solution in the verifiable claims space which we want to incrementally evolve into a full-fledged DAO in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Your role:
Greenfield opportunity to take a front seat in the design and development of models and components for what we know will be a showcase Polkadot application. This is a full-time Rust opportunity.

This is a full-time Rust opportunity.

You will contribute to:
* Design and architecture definition
* Crypto- and Tokenomics solution design and implementation
* Claims and Identity open standards advancement
* Technical and non-technical publications

Our Stack:
* Rust, Wasm
* Polkadot Substrate, Ink!
* OpenBadges, Blockcerts, Verifiable Credentials Data Model, Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
* Python, React, ES6
* AWS (and hopefully DFinity soon)

* Live, breath, and dream decentralized
* Able to work through, and implement from, white papers
* Creative self-starter and continuous learner
* Able to work remote first

* Experienced Rust (2018 Edition) and wasm developer
* Strong data structures and algorithm knowledge, especially consensus and cryptography algorithms
* Minimum five years distributed and decentralized software development
* Minimum one year Ethereum or similar

Nice to have:
* Polkadot ecosystem
* Active open source contributor
* Parity technology stack including clients and wallet(s)
* Mainnet dApp development
* Wallet experience including multisig
* Cryptography expertise, especially with ECC, BLS, PRE, ZK
* DAO design and implementation
* Github/Gitlab, CI/CD
* AWS and Docker